Paradise Spa & Sauna
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Bringing the West and the East together for the best experience.

PARADISE SPA & SAUNA offers the best services tailored to meet your need to escape from everyday stresses. Our beautifully designed spa is the perfect oasis to relax, enjoy, and revitalize.

Every sauna and spa service are designed and performed with personal attention and your consideration in mind. Our expertly trained staff is always ready to welcome and provide the highest-level of service focused to your needs.

We encourage you to visit PARADISE SPA & SAUNA, the true wellness and relaxation center.

  1. Himalayan
    Rock Salt

    Himalayan salt is a natural ionizer, creating a fresh bacteria-free invironment.
    The calcium, sodium, magnesium, carbon and manganese found in the blocks of salt helps relieve allergies, asthma and reduces signs of aging.

  2. Loess Soil

    Loess soil can be used in residentaial life, dietary life and health remedies.
    A spoonful of loess has about 200million microorganisms.
    It help vatious enzymes in loess to remove or decompose toxins in our body.


    Soothing your aching limbs after a tiring day.
    Heats your feet, rejuvenating your health, helping fight fatigue and stress.

What We Offer



Body Scrub


7AM - 12AM Mon-Sun

100 Linwood Plz Fort Lee, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

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