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SAUNA Experience $20

SAUNA Admission Including

Loess Soil Balls

Loess soil can be used in residentaial life, dietary life and health remedies. A spoonful of loess has about 200million microorganisms. It help vatious enzymes in loess to remove or decompose toxins in our body.

Rock Salt

Himalayan salt is a natural ionizer, creating a fresh bacteria-free invironment. The calcium, sodium, magnesium, carbon and manganese found in the blocks of salt helps relieve allergies, asthma and reduces signs of aging.


A cypress wood with citrus like aroma, the Hinoki has historically been used in palaces, temples, shrines and baths throughout Japan. Its aroma has been known to energize, uplift and relax our minds during brief periods of agitation. Its oils scent also allows the body to relieve stress and tension.

Body Scrub(Price including sauna admission)

Body Scrub

Women $65 / Men $60

Body Scrub &
wet Massage

Women $85 / Men $85

Kelp Body Scrub & Massage


Face mask and body scrub with a mix of natural kelps and milk. Kelps are seaweeds that grow in particular shallow and nutrient-rich waters around the world. Rich in minerals, they’ve been used medicinally for hundreds of years in various forms.

Red Ginseng Body Scrub & Massage


All natural mix of red ginseng and honey. Red ginseng is known to boost energy, lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduce stress, promote relaxation and treat diabetes.

Dead Sea Mud Body Scrub & Massage


Natural shampoo, mask, conditioner, and soap with dead sea mud. It improves circulation, shrinks large pores, rinses away blackheads and helps clear acne. It is very beneficial to those who suffer from acne or oily skin.

MASSAGE SESSIONS(Massage service is available without sauna admission)


$30/30min   $50/60min   $75/90min

Deep Tissue Massage Theraphy is a form of pressure-point massage based on the fact that each part of the body's organ and muscular function can be accessed and healed through specific nodes or feflexes in the hands and feet.


$30/30min   $50/60min   $75/90min

Swedish Massage Theraphy is known for its ability to create a general sense of relaxation through better blood and oxygen circulation, easing of muscular aches and tension, improving mind alertness and body flexibility.


$30/30min   $50/60min   $75/90min

Shiatsu translates to "finger pressure" and is truly a finger pressure massage technique. The Shiatsu Massage Therapist applies pressure to your body with the thumbs, fingers and palms to specific areas on your body.


$40/30min   $60/60min   $85/90min

Aromatheraphy Massage is highly favored for its effectiveness and therapeutic, alluring scent. The essential oil scents are thought to have various healing properties.



Hot Stone Massage Theraphy can be linked back to ancient healing rituals used in China and India at least 3000 years back. In north america, the use of hot stones as a health and wellness treatment can also be found back to alternative health prevention by native indians.


$60/60min   $85/90min

The gentle, non-invasive appoach of Pregnancy Massage can ease your discomfort, bring sense of body-mind integration and put you into a state of relaxation.



Paradise Spa Couple Massage is the idal for Mother & Doughter, Best friends to enjoy a session of therapeutic relaxation together in privacy.


$10/10min $30/30min $60/60im
(Inc. tip)


$20/30min   $35/60min

There are over 7000 nerve endings on each foot called reflexes that correspond to every organ and system within your body. Paradise foot reflexolgy will stimulate your nervous system and open energy pathways that may be blocked or congested.